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Infrared RF Vacuum Roller technology combines infrared light, bi-polar radio frequency energy and vacuum, which cause deep heating of the fat cells, their surrounding connective tissue and the underlying dermal collagen fibers. This type of efficient heat
VelaShape 3 contours, shapes and slims your body while improving skin appearance, cellulite, and skin laxity. It reduces stubborn fat in areas like the abdomen, thighs, arms, face and neck, with visible improvements after the first treatment session.
Cooling lipolysis, vacuum and LED to reduce fat cells and break down the fat. Vertical 4 cryolipolysis handpiece, Strong cooling maximum -10 C°, Automatically control the cooling temperature, Stable vacuum technology.
DC-R30 provides powerful 0.8MHz multipolar RF with 610nm LED and 580nmHG strong vaccum massage in various levels and works indeally for body and skin total care aesthetic solution device.
Human-body elements analyse machine, it named Human-body analyse equipment can detect the various constituent elements of human and analysis the situation of human health.Apply to hospitals, beauty clubs, sports research centers, institutions.
1.Ultima tecnologia: succión de vacío + Auto Roller + Radio, fibra optica + 0.4mhz alto explosivo de onda, traer el mejor efecto 2. La dirección, la velocidad y la fibra optica: pueden combinarse hasta 600 modos. 3. Intelectivo de memoria: memoria profe
4 en 1 con cavitación rf máquina de adelgazamiento de cuerpo, sintetizan la congelación de grasa, ultrasonido cavitación, sistema de RF y un sistema láser. que buen efecto para la grasa abdominal, las manijas del amor, cilindros de apoyo, muffins-tops y
High intensity focused ultrasound(HIFU) to destroy fat permanently,reducing the number of fat cells without rebound.effect is good and without harming human body.
UltraFocus has immediate results for weight loss with no pain,it is safe for surrounding tissues such as muscles, nerves and vlood vessels due to the characteristics of cavitation threshold.
This is one 3in1 multifunctional slimming machine,with fat rorating work head,40k cavitation explode work head and hexpolar RF laser work head,absolutely safe to human body to weight loss with good effect.
Cryofit is a Cryo-lipolysis device that reduces subcutaneous fat layers of tar geted body area at low temperature non-invasively.
Criolipólisis es un procedimiento no invasivo que elimina suavemente y con eficacia la grasa de áreas específicas del cuerpo que no han respondido a la dieta y el ejercicio tradicional. Las células de grasa se enfrió a cero grados y se solidifican. La b