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Plasma Pen High Frequency Beauty Device for Spot Skin Tag Removal Pain Free No Bleeding

Artículo No.: XM-1
PLASMA PEN is portable plasma device to remove spots, freckles, pigments, aging spots, and lighten all spot areas and reduce visible skin pores without huring the normal skin/without blooding and pain free.
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PLASMA PEN Specifications:

Power supply:              110~240V, 60Hz
Rated Output:               DC 24V 1A
Size (Excl. Tip):            16cm
Weight:                         50g
Gift box size:                  18cm(w) x 7cm(D) x 11cm(H)
Weight (Incl. Gift box):    480g
Basic component:           PLASMA PEN , Tip I, Tip II, Adapter, Pouch, IFU

PLASMA PEN is portable plasma device to remove spot, pigment, skin tag, moles, wart, syringoma etc, and improve wrinkle, scar. If generating the electricity of High frequency between a stable ions of surface of skin and an unstable(labile) ions in the air, spark is emerged. Treatment area is burned(carbonized) by that spark without side effect, and then thermal energy is made. Beauty Monster uses low power and suitable frequency for its purpose of beauty care, even safe and no side effect emerged.


You can treat almost lesions which can be treated by CO2 laser. Also you can utilize its treatment to a lot of skin problems according to the skill and experiances of practitioner.
Plasma effect : Spot, pigmentation, skin tag, moles, warts, syringoma, milium
Fractional effect : Fine wrinkle, pore, scar and skin resurfacing
Thermal effect :  Fine wrinkle, pore, face lifting and skin tightening

Advantage of Beauty Monster :

- Easily usable & operable RF device with the same effect of CO2 laser
- Lightweight pencil type & easy handling
- Low power & low frequency
- No side effect

How to Use?

1. Insert the needle to the device.
2. Connect the power adaptor to the device.
3. Press ON/OFF button for few seconds.
4. Adjust the power and the frequency of the device.
5. After pressing the “ON” button again, it is ready to use when the power button blinks.
6. The device will activate and stop when you press or release the “SHOT” button.
7. After the procedure, press the “ON” button to turn off the device.
8. Move left to right rather than staying in one spot while using the tip.
9. Have short and multiple sessions rather than trying to finish it in a single long session during the procedure.
10. For starters, it is recommended to practice on fruits before the procedure.

Safe Notifications:

* After the procedure, stay away from the sunlight and spa for 3 days.
* If callus is formed, be careful that it does not fall off.
* Try to let the callus fall off naturally. If the callus is intentionally pulled out, it may leave a scar.
* For deep lesions, take time and perform multiple sessions. Do not try to finish the procedure in a single session.
* When using the probe, do not let it stay in one place for too long, always keep it moving during the procedure.
* When using the tip, operate shortly, several times and do not let it stay in one place for a long time.